The next time we are in Paris, will definitely give bus 42 a try.Can someone tell me how often Bus #42 leave Gare Du Nord?Hi Martin, It might change, but right now the RATP website is saying anywhere between every 6-12 minutes Monday to Friday depending on the time of day, every 11-13 minutes on Saturday and every 14-20 minutes on Sunday. Thanks.I will be arriving Gare du Nord train station on Thursday 14th November 2013 from London. We have deleted that sentence. Paris bus maps formats available: Route Map of … The rest of the information is accurate as of today.The 42 bus does go by the Eiffel Tower. Even if you’re not a shopper, do stop in Galeries Lafayette to see the beautiful Art Nouveau glass dome in the center of the store. RER A: Connects Disneyland Pariswith the city centre. Line T6. Crossing over the Pont de l’Alma, try to catch a glimpse of the statue referred to as the Zouave, a soldier in the French Army. Line 12. No internet available? Best, Maddy.Hi I will be arriving Nord station by Thalys on 31st August.Please give me the direction to catch the bus so that I can go to eiffel tower.What is the ticket cost for the bus?Hello, when you arrive at the Gare du Nord station you will need to look for the 42 bus in the direction “Hopital Europeen Georges Pompidou.” Stay on the bus until the “Tour Eiffel” stop … voila! You can catch the number 42 at the north end of Rue de Havre. Sélectionner la ligne de RER. Line 10. Show my bus. !thank you so much. Although as you can tell from the plan and timetables, there are certain bus stops only served in a particular direction, yet the Fileo buses also cover this route during the night time and at other times for a continuous bus service to and from CDG 1.Gare de Roissypole - Aeroport CDG 1, Terminal 2 - Route de Service**, Rue des Vignes, Rue du Chapitre, Les Deux Cedres, Cargo Centre, Marguilliers, Aeroville, Bois de la Pie 351*, Parc des Nations**, 372 Rue de la Belle Etoile*, 190 Rue des Chardonnerets, 89 Rue des Chardonnerets, 33 Rue des Chardonnerets, Rue de l'Etang, Gare du Parc des Expositions, Rue du Sausset, Claude Nicolas Ledoux, Labe, Laurencin, Schuman, Monnet, Sisley, Cimetiere de Villepinte, Route de Tremblay, Les Mousseaux, Parc de la Noue, Fougeres, Georges Sachet, Jussieu, Fontaine Mallet, La Roseraie, Place Rene Droulot, Poste, Parmentier, Gare du Vert Galant.Whereas here you can see that bus route 39-12 operated by the transport company Savac that travels from the impressive train station of Gare de Versailles Chantiers through to Merantais, with only a few stops in between including Golf National in the Guyancourt area of the Paris region and the Gare de Versailles Rive Gauche, which is the nearest station to the famous royal castle.Gare de Versailles Chantiers - Gare Routiere, Gare de Versailles Chateau Rive Gauche - Sceaux, Freres Perret, Technocentre 60 Arpents* **, Technocentre Le Gradient, Technocentre l'Etang* **, Technocentre Trou Berger**, Villaroy Sud**, Golf National**, Merantais**.Here you can see the bus line 39-34 run by the transport company Savac, which travels between the communes, or areas of the Paris region, of Boulogne-Billancourt and Guyancourt, with the terminus points being Place Jules Guesde and Technocentre Trou Berger. Schedule Weekday eastbound westbound. ok. Click on the map to enlarge Download the map (PDF 44.43 ko) Discover the noctilien line N32 map. Route 32 - Weekday - EASTBOUND Weekday — from Robbinsdale, north and NE Minneapolis to Rosedale via Lowry Ave. Route 32 - Weekday - … For more details, this website has a great explanation:Could you advise what will be best option to catch bus 42 as I will be coming from disneyland paris resort. View on Map. This is a dream spot for many shoppers, and you’ll find some of the most famous shops in Paris nearby. Accéder aux Noctilien. 32 (Direction: Gare de L'Est) is operational during everyday.On the go? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. Autour de moi. Line B. Sélectionner la ligne de métro. 3. Line 2. The most popular lines for tourists are A, B and C. 1. Saturday eastbound westbound. Alerts. Line 7. BUS 31. Line 5. Furthermore, Certain buses don't run on Sundays or on public holidays. This is where the number 42 now leaves from. You can use your travel pass or a metro/bus ticket if it covers the zones concerned (the same zones as for the metro/RER). How long roughly does it take to travel from Gare Du Nord to Eiffel Tower?Could you please tell me ticket price for this ride. The number 42 bus is one of our favorites, and here’s why:The 42 bus route begins at the Gare du Nord train station and cuts diagonally across Paris going through Place de la Opéra, past the grand Garnier Opéra, around Place de la Madeleine and Église Madeleine, through Place de la Concorde, up the lower Champs-Élysées, across the Seine on the Pont de l’Alma bridge, along the Left Bank.What’s not to love about a bus stop with a view of the Eiffel Tower! The RATP noctilien line N32 map is designed to make your journeys easier; it is interactive and downloadable in PDF format. Line 7B. This statue has become a measuring point for Parisians to gauge the water level of the Seine. Line 14. The Paris local bus service is tightly integrated with the Paris Metro, run by RATP.As a result tickets and services are tightly integrated with the Metro system. Here you can see the bus Line 32 run by the transport company Keolis that operates in the Paris region, and going from Victor Basch in the Goussainville commune of Ile de France it travels through Roissy-en-France to … All buses are single-decker buses like that pictured right that you enter at the front and exit at doors at the centre or back. La station bus CADET est desservie par les lignes de bus : 26, 32, 43, 45, 85. The schedules & timetables of buses in Paris vary greatly depending on the different bus routes. Night bus 32 line map. Or catch […].Was wondering if every time you get off the bus you need to use a new ticket to get back on or will one ticket suffice to get on and off all of these stops?Hi Allison, it can be a bit tricky to figure out. Go to the Noctilien night bus … Veuillez préciser l'adresse souhaitée : From. Yet as you can see from the maps and timetables, the bus stops of Provence and Technocentre l'Etang are only served in a particular direction and the line only operates at certain times on a Monday to Friday, but not at weekends or National French holidays, in addition to one specific time being a private run and not for the general public.Boulogne-Billancourt - Place Jules Guesde, Pont de Sevres, Meudon - Le Mail, Velizy-Villacoublay - Louvois, Mairie de Velizy, L'Onde - Maison des Arts, Provence*, Versailles - Cite des Cadres, Guyancourt - La Miniere, Freres Perret, Technocentre 60 Arpents, Technocentre Le Gradient, Technocentre l'Etang*, Technocentre Trou Berger.Paris Bus 32 timetables CDG1 to Goussainville - PDF,Paris Bus 32 timetables CDG1 to Goussainville - Image,Paris Bus 32 timetables Goussainville to CDG1 - PDF,Paris Bus 32 timetables Goussainville to CDG1- Image,Disneyland Paris Bus 34 timetables - Image,Disneyland Paris Bus 35 timetables - Image,Disneyland Paris Bus 38 map and timetables - PDF,Disneyland Paris Bus 38 map and timetables - Image,Paris Bus 39 timetables CDG1 to Villepinte - PDF,Paris Bus 39 timetables CDG1 to Villepinte - Image,Paris Bus 39 timetables Villepinte to CDG1 - PDF,Paris Bus 39 timetables Villepinte to CDG1- Image. Geographical street plan of Paris buses with bus routes, bus stops and transport connections. 32 bus route operates on everyday. The injured were taken to Amiens Hospital and several other regional facilities, the statement said. Very informative blog. Line 9. Découvrez la ligne nº 31 du réseau routier de paris et sa banlieue qui dessert un nombre important d´arrêts de bus entre les Terminus Charles de Gaulle - Etoile et Gare de l´Est. Passenger services maRATP, the companion to your every moment and wish Each and every day, maRATP makes your daily life easier thanks to special offers and customised services.... Mobility services RATP mobile app accompanies you on the … Breadcrumb. Hope that helps!What if I got onto Bus 42 and stayed on for the entire loop? Line T3A. From. X. Nouvelle recherche. However, these cheap prices can depend on how early you book your tickets from Paris … Head up to the fantastic rooftop café with incredible views of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower in the distance.If you’ve hopped off the bus somewhere along the way, simply look for a number 42 bus in the opposite direction (towards Hopital Européen Georges Pompidou) to head back in the direction of the Eiffel Tower and 7th arrondissement.As you’re out and about walking in Paris, stop by one of the bus stops and you’ll find maps and schedules posted for the bus routes that pass by. Can I know the ticket bus price from Paris EST to Eiffel Tower?I will be arriving at Gare Du Nord and doing a day trip in Paris. It looks like the standard ticket price is 1.70 Euro. Accédez aux autres plans Bus 35 | Bus 38 | Bus 39 | Bus N42 | Bus 46 . How long would it take to return to Gare du Nord? Also as you will see from the bus 32 timetables, this line operates in conjunction with the Fileo buses to provide around the clock seamless connections to CDG Airport.Victor Basch, Mairie de Goussainville, La Charmeuse, Les Montagnettes, Ecole Gabriel Peri, Acacias**, Camelinat**, Cachin Blatreux**, Henri Dunant**, Descartes**, Montgolfier, Chapellerie, Ampere/Chartrel, Avenue des Tilleuls, Centre de Secours, Marche de Goussainville, Marcel Cerdan**, Gare de Goussainville, Marcel Cerdan**, Carrefour de l'Europe, Calvaire, Le Moulin, Pont Chinois, Les Charmilles, Chemin de St-Denis, Avenue Bocquet, La Talmouse, Roissy Parc, Passerelle, Village, Airapolis, Convention, Entretien Nord, Zone Technique, Gare de Roissypole - Aeroport CDG 1, Terminal 2 - Routedeservice*, Rue des Vignes*, Rue du Chapitre*, Les Deux Cedres*, Cargo Centre*, Marguilliers*, Centre Commercial - Aeroville*.Whereas this map shows the Bus route for the Bus Line 32.ZA from the Goussainville Train station through to Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG 1 Train station where you will find the RER B line, which is run by the transport company Keolis within Ile de France. Also, as you will see from the Bus 32.ZA timetables, highlighted in green it shows the approximate arrival and departure times for the RER D train going to and from Paris.Gare de Goussainville, Marcel Cerdan**, Carrefour de l'Europe, Calvaire, La Talmouse, Parc Mail 1*, Parc Mail 2*, Parc du Moulin*, Rue du Noyer*, Route de l'Arpenteur, Entretien Nord, Zone Technique, Gare de Roissypole - Aeroport CDG 1.This bus line 34 is operated by Transdev in conjunction with AMV runs primarily between Gare de Marne-la-Vallee Chessy Nord and Gare de Val d'Europe but also has other prominent starting and terminus points such as Place de l'Europe and Lycee Emilie du Chatelet among the 20 plus stops. Now this route map of Paris buses also includes over 12,000 bus stops on a street plan of Paris that will help you find your way around the city as well, but this is a larger file compared to the standard bus map, yet you can also download this for your mobile device or PC. Sunday eastbound westbound. Route 32 Local Bus. Map of Noctilien If you are in the mood for some shopping, be sure to pick up your 10% tourist discount card at the information desk upon arrival!Printemps also has a tourist discount card but you need to register for it online and print out the voucher before visiting the store. View line map. Take the 32 bus line from outside Jouy-en-Josas train station and get off at the "HEC Paris Le Château" bus stop. tks for your reply rgds Martin,Yes, it’s not a problem to hop on with luggage and hopefully the bus won’t be too crowded. Local maps. Essential information to get to the 3 HEC Paris sites in France:HEC Paris has one of the largest campuses in Europe.The 340-acre wooded campus is not only close to Paris and Versailles by train, but also a short drive from La Défense, the biggest business district in Europe where many multinational companies have set up headquarters.Located on the campus of HEC Paris near Paris, the Château offers an exceptional setting, which is a place of relaxation and reflection.Rooms are also available for participants attending a lifelong learning program at the Château.Discover the services that HEC Paris Le Chateau has to offer those who would like to organize meetings and conferences in this exceptional place.Once you have arrived at the HEC Paris Campus, take the Phebus bus line 32 and get off at the.Our site in central Paris is located in north-west Paris near La Défense, the largest business district in Europe.Porte de Champerret (Lines 84 / 92 / 93 / 163 / 164 / PC1).The opening hours of the Champerret site, until further notice, are as follows:A minimum distance of 1 meter must be respected during discussions.Internal meetings are limited to 5 people wearing masks.It is forbidden to remain static in the circulation areas (no grouping): it is strongly recommended to go outside, in the training rooms, in the offices or on level 2 to sit on the benches, in the indicated places.For catering in the canteen on level 1, HEC has been allocated the following time slot: 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 noon.Rooms outside of the training sessions are only accessible by reservation 8 days in advance, and in the presence of an HEC referent.