Les pirates envahissent le bateau, dirigé par Alvida. One Piece est une série d'anime adaptée du manga homonyme créé et illustré par Eiichirō Oda.La série suit les aventures de Monkey D. Luffy, un jeune garçon accompagné de son fidèle équipage nommé l’« Équipage au Chapeau de paille ». The Heated B Block Battle! Luffy's Allied Forces Are Annihilated?! Ruluka Island and the Old Man Henzo! Oars Revives!! Catch Up with Luffy! Il déclare vouloir trouver le One Piece, et est à la recherche d'un équipage, pensant que dix personnes semble être un bon compte. Ordeal of Swamp! At last Commodore Nelson has seen through the ambitions of Eric, but takes it a little too personally and now the mystical dragon's life is in danger. Z's Ambition Arc - The Mysterious Strongest Army Appears! Conviction Strong Enough to Beg for One's Life!! Hogback's Nightmarish Research Laboratory, His Name is Moria! Luffy and Law's Great Escape. The Blackbeard Pirates, The Opening of the Show - Blackbeard's Plot Is Revealed, Akainu's Tenacity! No Way Out - Admiral Fujitora's Ruthless Pursuit! À ce jour, la série compte plus de 900 chapitres et plus de 800 épisodes. Logan vs. Rebecca. Once again, anime is an adaptation of the manga, the same as in many other series. Zoan Type Devil's Fruit! Everyone is Gathered - Luffy Sets Sail to the New World, The Shocking Truth - The Man Who Protected the Sunny, Undersea Struggle - The Demon of the Ocean Appears, Disaster in the Deep Sea - The Separated Straw Hat Crew, Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Protect the Children! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball. Swordsman Zoro Falls into the Sea! One Piece Waifu Tier List. Sanji's Suffering - The Queen Returns to His Kingdom! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age. Mane Mane Montage! Shinokuni, The Counterattack Begins! Floating Land of Gold, Jaya! The Birth of Mom! Two People Awaken! C'est une chance, je n'ai jamais vu le début de one piece (j'ai commencé a enies lobby) The Tragic Night of Dressrosa, A Showdown Between the Shichibukai - Law vs. Doflamingo, Two Great Rivals Meet Each Other! The Invulnerable Luffy, Heroic Fierce Combat! Ambitions of Fairy Vearth - The Ark, Maxim!! The Path They Each Chose - Luffy vs. Garp! Pirate Clown Captain Buggy! The Whitebeard Pirates, The Beginning of the War! Luffy's Freezing to Death!? The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! Alors qu'ils sont dans le garde-manger, Luffy demande s'ils sont dans un navire pirate. The Battle Against the Big Tiger! Adventure in the Country Without a Name! Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Feelings Toward 'Vearth'! Finally Concluded - An Outcome of the Fierce Battle with Katakuri. Monkey D. Luffy est un jeune homme déterminé à devenir le roi des pirates. The Operation Failed! As the captain of the Strawhat Pirates, Monkey D. Luffy, is himself quite dense, he pulls his other teammates in a number of stunts that often leave them with injuries. The Strongest Man - Shutenmaru, the Bandits Brigade Chief! The Sabaody Archipelago in Chaos, Break Through the Encirclement! Alvida demande à Koby qui est la plus magnifique femme dans le monde. Le rêve de Luffy est de devenir le prochain « Roi des pirates » (« Seigneur des pirates », dans la version japonaise [1]). The Incarnation of Asura Revealed by His Soul, Spandam's Shock! Ascend The Drum Rockies! Save the Sunny! Impossible to Avoid!? Bursting Out! Luffy commence à combattre l'équipage d'Alvida grâce aux pouvoirs du Gomu Gomu no Mi, pouvoirs qu'il a obtenu après avoir mangé un Fruit du Démon, le Fruit du Caoutchoutier. Priest Gedatsu!! Grand Duel! Hody Controls the Ryugu Palace. Hawk-Eye Mihawk! Showing His Real Worth at the Marine Dining-room! Saying Goodbye and Descending from the Elephant - Setting Out to Take Back Sanji! A Heartbreaking Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 1, A Heartbreaking Duel - Luffy vs. Sanji - Part 2. One Piece tier list templates. Alors que les pirates sont mis hors d'état de nuire, Luffy explique qu'il est un homme élastique depuis qu'il a mangé le Gomu Gomu no Mi. God Enel's Desire!! Defeat Sugar - The Dwarf Soldiers Charge! Découvrez les personnages de One Piece Episode of Skypiea. Proud, Tall Warriors! A Massive Counterattack! A Dirty Trick in a Sacred Battle! Luffy's Father Revealed! The Girl who was Called a Demon! Sanji and Bege's Getaway Battle! First Showing! A Blade of Tenacity - The Gamma Knife Counterattack! Shock! Luffy's Fall! - Clash! En voici le listing. Sulong! Luffy's Angry Counterattack, Usopp the Strongest? The Decisive Battle Begins - At Gyoncorde Plaza! Priest Ohm!! A Man of Mystery Appears!? I am a manga reader so I mostly prefer reading the story than watching the anime. Guidance from the Sound of a Bell! Quiz One Piece - Épisodes 51 à 60 (classique) : Voici un quiz portant sur les épisodes 51 à 60 de la série 'One Piece' ! Oars in an Adventurous Mood!! Run to the Tomb of the Royal Family, Luffy! Making a Sortie - The Legendary Hero Usoland, The Fierce Battle Coming to the End - Lucy vs. Chinjao, Luffy and the Gladiator of Fate - Rebecca, Protect You to the End! The Flag of Conviction Lasts Forever, Hiluluk's Cherry Blossoms! Usopp's Tears! An Explosive Situation - Two Yonko Going After Luffy, Sabo Enraged - The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma. A Desperate Situation - Luffy Fights a Battle in Extreme Heat. Lucy in Trouble. The Blueprints Aren't Passed! The Strongest Family Lineage? Wetton's Plans and the Rainbow Tower, And Then the Legend Begins! Katakuri's Awakening in Anger! Priest Ohm, Climb Giant Jack!! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy! Mysterious Grave Markers - A Reunion at the Ruins of Oden Castle! Revived Fate! The Identity of the Mysterious Man Vergo! Soundless Invasion!! The Search of the Approaching Marines! Whitebeard's Maneuver to Turn the Tides. Luffy mentionne alors son rêve de devenir roi des pirates, ce qui rend Koby triste quand il comprend que Luffy est un pirate. The Giant Statue Pica's Surprise Maneuver! Secret Technique Blasts! End of a Broken Promise! How's That for Profit? The Living Place of the Strongest Shadow! I Want to See Them! The Broken Couple! Escape From the Tea Party! The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Move. Sanji the Cook! The Nightmare Draws Near! Ever Mysterious! The Wedding Full of Conspiracies Starts Soon! To Reach Sanji - Luffy's Vengeful Hell-Bent Dash! The Bodies Vanish! Terror of The Descending Raigo!! Eve of Gold Festival! I'll Protect My Friends! To the Reverie - The Straw Hats' Sworn Allies Come Together. Gear Four vs. Unstoppable Donuts! Nami in Big Trouble! The Decision to Part! Whitebeard's Final Captain's Order! Dashing onto the Scene - The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo! Inherited Recipe! The New Marine Fleet Admiral! The Most Evil Ability! Il réside en One Piece une force qui ne nous laisse pas insensible. Nyaban Brothers vs. Zoro, Luffy's Revival! Critical Counterattack! The Day the Sea Train Cried. His Name is Fire Fist Ace, Ace and Luffy! Only the Winner is Justice - Put Into Motion! Gold Roger est le seigneur des pirates. Settling the Score - Whitebeard vs. The Hero of Alabasta and the Ballerina on Deck. The Country of Love and Passion, Dressrosa, A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! Cet épisode spécial est centré sur le Going Merry (ou Vogue Merry), premier navire de Luffy et son équipage. Luffy part à l'aventure après sa rencontre avec Shanks le roux, le capitaine d'un navire de pirates qui a passé un an dans son village et l'a sauvé d'un monstre marin en sacrifiant son bras. Money Lender Zenny's Ambition! Come Back, Robin! The Truth Behind the Betrayal! The Threat of the Mole! Iceburg was Targeted! The Bodyguards of Water 7, An Eternal Farewell? Disembarking at Thriller Bark. Against Wapol's Army Corps! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm! Thousand Arms Cracker, An All-Out Duel - Gear Fourth vs. the Bisu Bisu Ability, The Benefactor's Life - Sanji and Owner Zeff, The Past that He Let Go of - Vinsmoke Sanji, To the East Blue - Sanji's Resolute Departure, A Battle of Limits - Luffy and the Infinite Biscuits. The Straw Hat Crew Rushes In! A Captivating Flavor - Sanji's Cake of Happiness, The Man of Humanity and Justice - Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current. The Stratagem of the Century - Doflamingo Makes His Move! Going into Action - The Implacable New Fleet Admiral Sakazuki, The Paramount War - The Inherited Will of the King of the Pirates. Fishman Island Collapses?! Awakening After 500 Years!! Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. The Nobles' Trap Draws Near the Three Brothers, The Fire Has Been Set - The Gray Terminal in Crisis, Where Is Freedom? Découvrez les personnages de One Piece. Luffy vs. Aokiji, Running Sea Train and The City of Water, Water 7, The Adventure in the City of Water! The Rebellious Daughter, Chiffon! A Deadly Kiss! Perona's Wonder Garden. Fukuro's Miscalculation! And since One Piece has more than 870 episodes, and counting, you’d expect it to have a ton of filler episodes as well. Marguerite Turned to Stone!! Straw Hat and Heavenly Yaksha, Luffy Astonished - The Man Who Inherits Ace's Will, Operation SOP Starts - Usoland Charges Forth, Winner Decided!? Katakuri's Merienda! Luffy explique alors comment son bateau a été détruit par un tourbillon, et comment il ne dut sa survie qu'au fait qu'il ait sauté dans un tonneau. Blackbeard and Shiliew of the Rain, His Spirit Won't Break! Nami and the Fishman Pirates! Admiral Fujitora's Power, Destruction Cannon Blasts! Cutting the Father-Son Relationship! The Buster Call is Invoked! Admiral Akainu's Power. The Crew is Confused! The Tea Party from Hell, A Secret Meeting! The Great Swordsman Mihawk - Zoro's Struggle of Willpower. Leave the Negatives to Me. Legend of the Rainbow Mist! One Piece DILFs (clean) One Piece Strawhat Pirates. Cook Confrontation! Doru Doru Ball! Robin Betrayed! Miracle of the Drum Rockies. That’s what makes the story so popular! The Rupture Human - Gladius Blows Up Big Time! Inhabitants of Neverland! Z's Ambition Arc - The Little Giant Lily! The Tears of the Great Warrior!! Luffy, to the Rendezvous! Son nom, Gold Roger, roi des pirates. Zoro's New Technique Explodes! Les deux sont ceux de Luffy, mais le thème de, L'un des pirates de cet épisode (uniquement crédité comme "Pirate A") est doublé par Hiroshi Kamiya dans un premier rôle ; il aura plus tard le rôle plus connu de doubleur de. Big Mom and Jinbe, The Yonko's Castle - Arriving at Whole Cake Island. Luffy vs. Crocodile, The Miracle Sprint! Sanji, the Knight of Flames!! Shyarly's Prediction. One Piece Streaming - Retrouvez les épisodes de One Piece en streaming et Vostfr, chaque semaine un nouvel épisode de la série. The Execution Begins! The Invincible Katakuri's Weak Point! Bridge Offensive and Defensive Battle! Moving Across the Ground! Hogback's Demonic Medical Practice, The Enemy is Luffy!! Tous se lancèrent sur la route de Grand-Line dans l'espoir de mettre la main sur ce fameux trésor. Alabasta the Animal Land. Elbaf's Judgement, The Devil's Candle! Brook Protects his Afro, A Man's Oath Never Dies!! Luffy's Decision - Sanji on the Brink of Quitting! Everyone's Finally Wanted! Bon Kurei Cheers From His Heart. The Hellish Tea Party Starts! The Final Decisive Battle Against Hody. Trouvez-le! Foreboding of a New Adventure! Brook's Hard Struggle - The Difficult Path of Becoming a True Comrade? Luffy's Tide-turning Elephant Gun, A United Front - Luffy's Breakthrough to the Victory, The Second Samurai - Evening Shower Kanjuro Appears. Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! Luffy's Tearful Scream, The Straw Hat Crew Shocked! Luffy vs. Katakuri! A Hero Descends! Clashing Fists! Doflamingo Moves. Je deviendrai le seigneur des pirates ! Blackbeard Teach Invades, A Dangerous Meeting! The Red Line, He Hates The Straw Hat Crew - Iron Masked Duval Makes His Appearance, The Fated Reunion! One Piece tells a story about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy, also known as "Straw Hat Luffy". Skypiea's Upholders of the Law. Chopper vs. The Great Warrior and Tales of an Explorer. Alvida devient livide et attaque. Eyes on the Strongest Sea! His Name is Sogeking! The City of Water is Shaking! The Screaming Speed Serve! Coming from the Sky! Noah Approaching! The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King! The Last Fight: Combat! Le bateau pirate, connu sous le nom de Miss Love Duck, fait feu sur le bateau, et le tonneau s'échappe de l'emprise des marins et roule jusqu'à la cuisine du bateau. Sanji's Full Course of Footwork, The Drawn Sword's Fierce Attack! Alubarna is Crying! A Shocking Confession! Franky's Decision, Retrieve the 5 Keys! Cette nouvelle image promotionnelle de One Piece: Stampede , le 14ème film de la franchise One Piece , sortira dans les salles japonaises le 9 août 2019.One Piece Stampede commémorera le 20e anniversaire de la première du film anime et 'STAMPEDE' est un mot qui peut signifier 'débandade' ou 'évasion'.Eiichiro Oda a conçu pour One Piece Stampede deux nouveaux personnages, Douglas … Life in Hell - Luffy's Place of Humiliation. The Pirate Soul Banking it All on the Flag, Hot Full Throttle! Criminals Already!? The New Destination is the Great Prison, The Crewmates' Whereabouts - Weather Science and Karakuri Island. Raizo of the Mist, the Ninja, Appears, The Secret of the Wano Country - The Kozuki Family and the Poneglyphs, A Vow Between Two Men - Luffy and Kozuki Momonosuke. Alors qu'ils naviguent sur la mer, Luffy demande à Koby des détails sur le chasseur de pirates qu'il avait mentionné. Protect Kaya! A Big Collision! Sanji's Life Crisis! Defeat Kuro! Orders to Obliterate the Straw Hat Crew, Kuma's Nikyu Nikyu Powers That Deflect Everything, My Crewmate's Pain is My Pain, Zoro Fights Prepared to Die, Promise on a Day Long Ago - The Pirate's Song and a Tiny Whale, Brook's Past - Sad Farewell to the Cheerful Crew, Binks' Sake - The Song that Connects the Past and Present, A New Crewmate! Revealing the Conspiracy! An Enormous Fleet Appears - Invasion! The Gentleman Skeleton's True Colors, One Phenomenon After Another! Robin's Sorrowful Decision! ... Épisode 798 : L'ennemi qui valait 800 millions. Franky's Outcry of Regret. The Enemy is the Invincible Princess, Perona's Terror!! Le début d'une nouvelle aventure - Arrivée sur l'île mystérieuse "Zô" ! Pirate Zoro vs. Hannyabal Goes All Out, The Jet Pistol of Rage - Luffy vs. Blackbeard, Stop Magellan! Épisode 890 : Marco. Climbing Up a Waterfall! 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