Hurricane Katrina was a large Category 5 Atlantic hurricane which caused over 1,800 deaths and $125 billion in damage in August 2005, particularly in the city of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. "The New Orleans Hurricane Protection System: What Went Wrong and Why". [90] Overall, about 20% of the local marshes were permanently overrun by water as a result of the storm. [119] Congress recognized the Coast Guard's response with an official entry in the Congressional Record,[120] and the Armed Service was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation.[121]. At least 103 homes and 7 buildings suffered some degree of water damage. ». ». [12] Katrina maintained strength well into Mississippi, finally losing hurricane strength more than 150 miles (240 km) inland near Meridian, Mississippi. Congress ordered the MRGO closed as a direct result. [48] One apartment complex with approximately thirty residents seeking shelter inside collapsed. Over the first week of September, law and order were gradually restored to the city. [10] Hurricane Katrina brought strong winds to Mississippi, which caused significant tree damage throughout the state. Il y a dix ans, l'ouragan Katrina arrachait les immeubles de leurs fondations et faisait s'abattre un tel déluge sur La Nouvelle-Orléans que certaines personnes mourraient noyées dans leur maison. L’ouragan Katrina, de la saison cyclonique 2005 dans l'océan Atlantique nord, est l'un des ouragans les plus puissants de l'histoire des États-Unis et l'un des six ouragans les plus forts jamais enregistrés. [129] As of March 30, 2010, there were still 260 families living in FEMA-provided trailers in Louisiana and Mississippi. Vaste coup de filet contre l'opposition à Hong Kong, Non, ces personnes qui ont assailli le Capitole ne sont pas des anti-Trump déguisés, Les sports extérieurs demeurent permis en bulle familiale, Nathalie Petrowski questionne l’appropriation culturelle et la culture du bannissement. [10] The surge caused significant flooding several miles inland along Mobile Bay. En août 2005, l'ouragan Katrina dévaste la Nouvelle-Orléans. Nagin and Blanco were criticized for failing to implement New Orleans' evacuation plan and for ordering residents to a shelter of last resort without any provisions for food, water, security, or sanitary conditions. The Corps of Engineers disputes these causalities. La Nouvelle-Orléans, en Louisiane, est la ville la plus touchée. There were five tornadoes in the northwestern portion of the state, though none of them caused significant damage. Hurricane Katrina made landfall off the coast of Louisiana on August 29, 2005. The authorities, who monitored local and network news broadcasts, as well as internet sites, would then attempt to coordinate rescue efforts based on the reports. [182], An article published in the Community Mental Health Journal from January 2016 revealed information about a recent study on the psychosocial needs of Hurricane Katrina evacuees that temporarily resided in Dallas, Texas. Wind gusts up to 60 mph (97 km/h) also impacted parts of Maine, felling trees and causing power outages in Bar Harbor, Blue Hill, Dover-Foxcroft, Sedgwick Ridge, and Sorrento. The search for the missing was undertaken by the St. Bernard Fire Department because of the assets of the United States Coast Guard being diverted to New Orleans. [45] A follow-up study by the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals determined that the storm was directly responsible for 1,170 fatalities in Louisiana. [10] The hurricane subsequently weakened due to another eyewall replacement cycle, and Katrina made its second landfall at 1110 UTC on August 29, as a Category 3 hurricane with sustained winds of 125 mph (205 km/h), near Buras-Triumph, Louisiana. L'administration Bush sera vertement critiquée pour sa gestion de la catastrophe. [30], On August 28, Alabama Governor Bob Riley declared a state of emergency for the approaching Hurricane Katrina. In addition, 346,980 comfort kits (including such basic necessities as toothpaste, soap, washcloths, and toys for children) and 205,360 cleanup kits (containing brooms, mops, and bleach) were distributed. Affectant cinq États, la Floride, la Louisiane, le Mississippi, l’Alabama et la Géorgie, il y eut près de 1 800 morts, les dégâts ont été estimés à près de 81 milliards de dollars et environ 1,2 million de personnes furent déplacées . [78] Surge covered almost the entire lower half of Hancock County, destroying the coastal communities of Clermont Harbor and Waveland, much of Bay St. Louis, and flowed up the Jourdan River, flooding Diamondhead and Kiln. Katrina (When the Levees Broke) est un film réalisé par Spike Lee avec Terence Blanchard, Harry Belafonte. These organizations raised US$4.25 billion in donations from the public, with the Red Cross receiving over half of these donations. Multiple investigations in the aftermath of the storm concluded that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which had designed and built the region's levees decades earlier, was responsible for the failure of the flood-control systems,[6] though federal courts later ruled that the Corps could not be held financially liable because of sovereign immunity in the Flood Control Act of 1928. Breton National Wildlife Refuge lost half its area in the storm. [41][42] Some estimates claimed that 80% of the 1.3 million residents of the greater New Orleans metropolitan area evacuated, leaving behind substantially fewer people than remained in the city during the Hurricane Ivan evacuation. Associated Press, "Katrina at a Glance" (August 31, 2005), page 4A, Rosenzweig, C., G. Casassa, D.J. [16] "On Sunday, August 28, President Bush spoke with Governor Blanco to encourage her to order a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans. « Ils ne faisaient rien, ils se baladaient. The first surge came as Lake Pontchartrain rose and the storm blew water from the Gulf of Mexico into the lake. Ce fut la seconde utilisation de la lettre R pour un cyclone, après Roxanne en … La tempête tropicale est considérée actuellement comme la plus coûteuse et meurtrière des Etats-Unis. Fish and Wildlife Service Conducting Initial Damage Assessments to Wildlife and National Wildlife Refuges", "Delayed Tree Mortality and Chinese Tallow Explosion in Louisiana Bottomland Hardwood Forest Following Hurricane Katrina", "Rita's Aftermath; Katrina Takes a Toll on Truth, News Accuracy", "Amid Katrina Chaos, Congressman Used National Guard to Visit Home", "Ex-cop gets 8 years for role in post-Katrina shootings", "At the Train Station, New Orleans' Newest Jail is Open For Business", "Some Katrina Evacuees at Camp Dawson Have Criminal Records", "A Tale of Three Cities: Crime and Displacement after Hurricane Katrina", "New Orleans gang wars spill into Houston area", "The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned", United States Government Accountability Office, "USCG Message Traffic: Award of the Presidential Unit Citation to the Coast Guard", Special Defense Department Briefing with Commander of Joint Task Force Katrina, Bush Discusses Displaced Students; Department of Defense Briefs Press on Katrina Response (CNN Live Transcript), Pelosi: Davis Report on Katrina Leaves Unfinished Business, Congress Approves $51.8 Billion For Victims, President Asks Bush and Clinton to Assist in Hurricane Relief, "Proclamation by the President: Honoring the Memory of the Victims of Hurricane Katrina", "Hancock Co. woman struggles to get out of FEMA trailer", "Law Officers, Overwhelmed, Are Quitting the Force", "Six Months After Katrina: Who Was Left Behind Then and Who is Being Left Behind Now? The storm's devastation also prompted a Congressional investigation, which found that FEMA and the Red Cross "did not have a logistics capacity sophisticated enough to fully support the massive number of Gulf coast victims." "C'est vraiment une approche digne d'une république bananière", dit-elle. [123] The Department of Defense also activated volunteer members of the Civil Air Patrol. Le bilan matériel impressionnant : 44 milliards de dollars. La plupart d'entre eux, issus de milieux défavorisés, n'ont pu quitter la ville faute de voiture ou d'argent. [140][141][142][143] Kuwait made the largest single pledge, $500 million; other large donations were made by Qatar and the United Arab Emirates (each $100 million), South Korea ($30 million), Australia ($10 million), India, China (both $5 million), New Zealand ($2 million),[144] Pakistan ($1.5 million),[145] Norway ($1.8 million),[146] and Bangladesh ($1 million).[147]. It hit land as a Category 3 storm with winds reaching speeds as high as 120 miles per hour. Katrina's surge was the most extensive, as well as the highest, in the documented history of the United States; large portions of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson counties were inundated by the storm surge, in all three cases affecting most of the populated areas. No significant damage resulted to the bridge and it was soon reopened. Si vous n'êtes pas à l'aise avec l'utilisation de ces informations, [71] While there were also early reports of fatalities amid mayhem at the Superdome, only six deaths were confirmed there, with four of these originating from natural causes, one from a drug overdose, and one a suicide. Inundated and washed out roads, including Route 138 along the north shore of the Saint Lawrence River, Route 172 north of Tadoussac, and Route 385 near Forestville left several communities isolated for at least a week. [8] Katrina was the earliest 11th named storm on record before being surpassed by Tropical Storm Kyle on August 14, 2020. [106], The storm caused oil spills from 44 facilities throughout southeastern Louisiana, which resulted in over 7 million US gallons (26,000 m3) of oil being leaked. [73][74][75], The Gulf coast of Mississippi suffered extremely severe damage from the impact of Hurricane Katrina on August 29, leaving 238 people dead, 67 missing, and billions of dollars in damage: bridges, barges, boats, piers, houses, and cars were washed inland. [49], Federal disaster declarations covered 90,000 square miles (230,000 km2) of the United States, an area almost as large as the United Kingdom. [8], By Sunday, August 28, most infrastructure along the Gulf Coast had been shut down, including all freight and Amtrak rail traffic into the evacuation areas as well as the Waterford Nuclear Generating Station. The background checks found that 45% of the refugees had a criminal record of some nature, and that 22% had a violent criminal record. [63] The Hyatt was the most severely damaged hotel in the city, with beds reported to be flying out of the windows. High waves caused beach erosion and closed nearby roadways. C'est avec le temps et en reprenant plus tard ces archives que les personnages du roman sont apparus petit à petit à l'auteur [1].Le personnage de « Josephine Linc. The NHC was especially applauded for providing accurate forecasts well in advance. "[133], Within days of Katrina's August 29 landfall, public debate arose about the local, state and federal governments' role in the preparations for and response to the hurricane. L'ouragan Katrina formée comme la dépression tropicale Douze dessus des Bahamas du sud-est sur 23 août 2005 en tant que résultat d'une interaction d'un onde tropicale et les restes de Dépression tropicale Dix. [171] Nonetheless, in June 2008, the Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District submitted a Deep-Draft De-authorization Study of the MRGO which stated that "an economic evaluation of channel navigation use does not demonstrate a Federal interest in continued operation and maintenance of the channel." [90] The total loss to the forestry industry from Katrina is calculated to rise to about $5 billion. Canadien : que vaut l’expérience d’une conquête de la Coupe Stanley? [7], The emergency response from federal, state and local governments was widely criticized, resulting in the resignations of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) director Michael D. Brown and New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) Superintendent Eddie Compass. About 1.2 million residents of the Gulf Coast were covered under a voluntary or mandatory evacuation order.[10]. [58], According to the U.S. Dept. government. [54], Although Hurricane Katrina stayed well to the north of Cuba, on August 28 it brought tropical-storm force winds and rainfall of over 8 in (200 mm) to western regions of the island. Création, inspiration. The hurricane made its final landfall near the mouth of the Pearl River, with the eye straddling St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, and Hancock County, Mississippi, on the morning of August 29 at about 9:45M CST. A temporary jail was constructed of chain link cages in the New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal, the city's main train station. [18] The declaration actually did not include any of Louisiana's coastal parishes, whereas the coastal counties were included in the declarations for Mississippi and Alabama. The most serious of these tornadoes was an F2 tornado which affected Heard County and Carroll County. Anthony E. Ladd, John Marszalek, and Duane A. Gill. The remnants of Katrina produced locally heavy precipitation in northeast Ohio, ranging from about 2 to 4 in (51 to 102 mm). They were not allowed into New Orleans proper by the National Guard for several days after the storm because of safety concerns. The storm also brought a dramatic rise in the role of Internet sites—especially blogging and community journalism. A total of 244,000 Red Cross workers (95% of which were non-paid volunteers) were utilized throughout these three hurricanes. One example was the effort of, the web affiliate of New Orleans' Times-Picayune. Failures occurred in New Orleans and surrounding communities, especially St. Bernard Parish. These troops know how to shoot and kill and I expect they will," Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco said. Le spectre de l’ouragan Katrina plane sur la ville portuaire de la Louisiane. Although power failures prevented accurate measurement of wind speeds in New Orleans, there were a few measurements of hurricane-force winds; based on this information, the NHC concluded that much of the city likely experienced sustained winds of Category 1 or 2 strength. [52] The rains caused flooding, and the combination of rains and winds downed trees and power lines, leaving 1.45 million people without power. Criticism was initially prompted by televised images of visibly shaken and frustrated political leaders, and of residents who remained stranded by flood waters without water, food, or shelter. [105] This significant loss in biomass caused greater decay and an increase in carbon emissions. Vos commentaires seront modérés, et publiés s’ils respectent la nétiquette. On August 29, at 7:40 am CDT, it was reported that most of the windows on the north side of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans had been blown out, and many other high rise buildings had extensive window damage. To the north in Broward County, residents east of the Intracoastal Waterway or in mobile homes were advised to leave their homes. About one-third of the individuals received a referral to mental health services for meeting symptom criteria for incident MDD and PTSD. Isaac et Katrina, même date, 29 août 7 ans jour pour jour que l'ouragan Katrina a frappé la Louisiane : La pression était descendue à l'époque à 965 hectopascal. [26] Before Katrina moved ashore, schools and businesses were closed in the Miami area. Trouvez des photos de banque d’images de haute qualité, que vous ne trouverez nulle part ailleurs. A number of roads and bridges were inundated or washed out. The tropical storm moved towards Florida and became a hurricane only two hours before making landfall between Hallandale Beach and Aventura on the morning of August 25. Direct Relief furnished $10 million in medical material aid and cash grants to support clinics and health centers in the area. [48] These residual waters contained a mix of raw sewage, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, toxic chemicals, and oil, which sparked fears in the scientific community of massive numbers of fish dying. Belgium sent in a team of relief personnel. Date de diffusion : 30 août 2005. However, Skytruth reported some signs of surface oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Damage in South Florida was estimated at $523 million, mostly as a result of crop damage. Si vous n'êtes pas à l'aise avec l'utilisation de ces informations, A June 2007 report by the American Society of Civil Engineers indicated that two-thirds of the flooding was caused by the multiple failures of the city's floodwalls. Même Céline Dion s'indigne de la lenteur des secours sur les ondes de CNN, où elle lance sa phrase devenue célèbre: « Take a kayak! La presse américaine déplore le manque d'empathie envers les victimes et le manque d'initiative dans la gestion de la crise. Due to uncertain causes of death with 454 evacuees, an upper-bound of 1,440 is noted in the paper. Ouragan Katrina : le bilan, dix ans après le chaos. Telephone and power lines were damaged and around 8,000 people were evacuated in the Pinar del Río Province. As the eye of Hurricane Katrina swept to the northeast, it subjected the city to hurricane conditions for hours. Fletcher Declares Three Kentucky Counties Disaster Areas, Governor Fletcher declares state of emergency in Kentucky, Canadian Tropical Cyclone Season Summary for 2005, "Rain from Katrina washes out Quebec north shore roads", Hurricane Katrina/Hurricane Rita Evacuation and Production Shut-in Statistics Report as of Wednesday, February 22, 2006, U.S. Government Minerals Management Service, "The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Biological Resources", Hurricane Katrina: Preliminary Estimates of Commercial and Public Sector Damages. Limited commercial passenger service resumed at the airport on September 13 and regular carrier operations resumed in early October. Mississippi Emergency Management Agency officials also recorded deaths in Forrest, Hinds, Warren, and Leake counties. Fin août 2005, Laurent Gaudé est particulièrement ému par la catastrophe de l'ouragan Katrina [1].Il conserve alors des photos et des articles de journaux relatifs au sinistre. The total damage from Katrina is estimated at $125 billion (2005 U.S. [10] Thereafter, Katrina rapidly intensified over the "unusually warm" waters of the Loop Current from a Category 3 hurricane to a Category 5 hurricane in just nine hours. [4] Eventually, 80% of the city, as well as large tracts of neighboring parishes, were inundated for weeks. Biloxi, on a peninsula between the Back Bay and the coast, was particularly hard hit, especially the low-lying Point Cadet area. [10] More than 600,000 people lost power in Alabama as a result of Hurricane Katrina and two people died in a traffic accident in the state. In the area around Slidell, the rainfall was even higher, and the highest rainfall recorded in the state was approximately 15 inches (380 mm). Des dizaines de milliers de citoyens se retrouvent prisonniers, sans eau potable ni électricité. Après le siège du Capitole, le Congrès reprend la séance pour valider la victoire de … Tous droits réservés © Société Radio‑Canada, Consultez nos Normes et pratiques journalistiques. (2007). By 6:00 pm CDT on August 28, 11 counties and cities issued evacuation orders, a number which increased to 41 counties and 61 cities by the following morning. [137], Politicians, activists, pundits, and journalists also directed criticism at the local and state governments headed by Mayor Nagin of New Orleans and Louisiana Governor Blanco. Katrina is the costliest tropical cyclone on record, tying with Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Announcers continued to broadcast from improvised studio facilities after the storm damaged their main studios. Since Hurricane Katrina, Amtrak's Sunset Limited service has never been restored past New Orleans. Exactly ten years after Katrina, J. David Rogers, lead author of a new report in the official journal of the World Water Council, concluded that the flooding during Katrina "could have been prevented had the corps retained an external review board to double-check its flood-wall designs."[168]. [115][116][117], Within the United States and as delineated in the National Response Plan, disaster response and planning is first and foremost a local government responsibility. At the Convention Center, four bodies were recovered. [72] The neologism Katrinagate was coined to refer to this controversy, and was a runner-up for "2005 word of the year. Dozens of business were closed and several families evacuated due to rising flood waters. The storm dropped heavy rainfall in portions of the Miami metropolitan area, with a peak total of 16.43 in (417 mm) in Perrine. [125] Additionally, President Bush enlisted the help of former presidents Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush to raise additional voluntary contributions, much as they did after the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. [15], President of the United States George W. Bush declared a state of emergency in selected regions of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi on August 27. [85], The economic effects of the storm reached high levels. There were two indirect fatalities from Katrina in Walton County as a result of a traffic accident. As in Mississippi, the storm surge caused significant beach erosion along the Alabama coastline. [103] As a result, the hurricane affected the habitats of sea turtles, Mississippi sandhill cranes, Red-cockaded woodpeckers, and Alabama Beach mice. The major levee breaches in the city included breaches at the 17th Street Canal levee, the London Avenue Canal, and the wide, navigable Industrial Canal, which left approximately 80% of the city flooded.[61]. [108], Thousands of National Guard and federal troops were mobilized and sent to Louisiana, with 7,841 in the area on August 29, to a maximum of 46,838 on September 10. Insulation tubes were exposed as the hotel's glass exterior was completely sheared off. Significant impacts were also reported in the Florida Panhandle. [68], The first deaths reported from the city were reported shortly before midnight on August 28, as three nursing home patients died during an evacuation to Baton Rouge, most likely from dehydration. Bilan: plus de 1800 morts, des milliers de blessés et des centaines de milliers de sans-abri. Hurricane Katrina first made landfall between Hallandale Beach and Aventura, Florida on August 25. Residents in some areas, such as Selma, were without power for several days. 8/28/2005, Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath Photos by, Photographs and Video of Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath, Photographs of Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath,, George W. 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[135] Eight days later, Brown was recalled to Washington and Coast Guard Vice Admiral Thad W. Allen replaced him as chief of hurricane relief operations.